Jobwell for Communities

Help jobseekers land their dream job faster and easier

Meaningful employment is a cornerstone of a healthy and fulfilling life, but job hunting is an opaque, disorganized process where many jobseekers lack the right tools. 

Jobwell is dedicated to empowering and supporting jobseekers.  We particularly understand the aspirations and pressures of jobseekers and serve as a partner to workforce and career services. 

Jobwell for Workforce and Career Services

Empower jobseekers

Jobwell's intuitive, visual platform helps students stay organized and motivated while integrating job-hunting good practices.

Get real-time reporting

Jobwell's dashboard will provide real-time reporting on individuals' recruiting progress and preferences so career and workforce services can proactively manage employment targets and demonstrate ROI.

Jobwell for Jobseekers

Intuitive, visual tool to help jobseekers organize and stay on top of their job search.

Pre-configured tasks and reminders to encourage job-hunting good practices.

Easy-to-follow process to guide jobseekers through networking step by step.

Career and Workforce Services Feedback

"This is a nice tool that we’re offering to jobseekers as a tool to stay organized."

"Does a good job with job seeking and networking seeking.  People under-value the value the networking."

"Data is always good and crazy helpful."

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