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Jobwell is a job search organizer that applies the tried-and-true sales pipeline management approach and has partnered with the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business to bring discipline and confidence to its students' job searches.

Be More Effective

A structured approach helps you stay organized and focused so you feel more in control of your job search.

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Reduce Stress & Anxiety

A visual, intuitive layout helps you instantly see where all of your job applications and networking activities stand and what you need to do next.

Boost Your Pipeline

Google for Jobs search bar brings all job postings aggregated from across popular job boards and company career pages to you.

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Nurture Each Opportunity

Job-hunting good practices and networking etiquette tips from expert career coaches help you make positive impressions.

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“This is so motivational - so easy to measure my progress and prepare for things.  It also makes it much less stressful because I have a handle on everything that’s going on.” 

—  Lawyer from Arizona

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