Features & Functions

What are the Pipelines and Cards and how do they work?

Your Job Pipeline shows main stages of the application process: Saved > Applied > First Interview > Follow-up Interviews > Offer. Each Job Card you create will contain information about the job, along with tasks, events and notes associated to the job. You will move each Job Card over to the next stage as you progress along the process, with the goal of landing one or more offer
Similarly, your Networking Pipeline shows main stages of the networking process: Identify Contact > Reached Out > Follow-Up > Set Meeting > Stay Engaged. Each Networking card you create will contain information about the connection, along with tasks, events and notes associated to the job.

Can you automatically save a job posting from a job board?

Definitely! Jobwell makes it super easy for you to save a new job from Google for Jobs, which has aggregated open job postings from many popular job boards, company and government career pages. Just paste the Google for Jobs job posting URL into Jobwell and click the "Import" button. Jobwell will create a new Job Card in your pipeline with all the job details automatically populated!

What’s the difference between a task and a note in a card?

A task creates an event on your card with a discrete “due” date/time that you specify and an iCal entry is created if you have integrated your calendar. A note does not have a “due” time and are useful for jotting down notes and information you want to keep associated with the card.

What are the colored labels for?

The color labels on the cards are a simple way for you to categorize your opportunities. You can color-code your Job Cards by positions, job functions, industries or geography. Or you can group your Networking Cards based on companies you’re targeting, how you are affiliated with the contact or how strong of a lead they are. It’s up to you!

How do I remove the pre-set tasks?

Navigate to Settings and click on Presets. Uncheck any or all pre-set tasks that you wish to exclude and they will not appear on newly created cards going forward.

Can I create my own pre-set tasks?

Currently you cannot add your own pre-defined tasks, but it is planned as a future feature.

What does it mean to Archive a card?

Unfortunately not every job application will turn into a job offer and networking opportunity into a conversation. Instead of having these “zombie” cards clogging up your pipeline, you can send them to your Archive Pipelines so you can better focus on the hot leads in your active pipelines. To archive a card, you can click the “Archive” button on each card, or enable the Auto-Archive in your Settings.

How do I see archived cards?

It’s simple - on your Job or Networking Pipeline, click the toggle in the upper right-hand corner to navigate between the Active and Archive views.

How do I unarchive a card?

Accidentally archived a card, or maybe a lead became hot again? Navigate to your Archive Pipeline to see all of your archived cards and click the “Return to Pipeline” icon or button.

How do I integrate the Jobwell calendar with my personal Calendar?

For Google Calendar:
1) Visit your Settings page to enable the iCalendar feed and copy the URL.
2) Navigate to your Google Calendar
3) Next to “Other calendars on the lower left-hand side, click the down arrow. 4) Click “Add by URL” 5) Paste in your Jobwell iCal URL and click “Add Calendar”.
6) Google typically updates Google Calendar users calendars within 12-24 hours after a task appears on the tasklist. For Outlook Calendar:
1) Visit your Settings page to enable the iCalendar feed and copy the URL.
2) In Outlook, click “Open Calendar” in Calendar view. 3) Click “From Internet…” from the dropdown list and enter your iCal URL. 4) Right-click on the new “Untitled” calendar and “Rename Calendar” to Jobwell. For Apple Calendar: Visit your Settings page to enable the iCalendar feed and copy the URL. In your Apple Calendar, click “File” > “New Calendar Subscription”. Enter your Jobwell iCal URL and click “Subscribe”.

Once a task appears on my task list, how long will it take before it appears on my calendar?

Microsoft and Apple generally update Outlook and Apple calendars within a few hours after a task appears on the tasklist. Google typically updates Google Calendar within 12-24 hours after a task appears on the tasklist.

How to do I set up my calendar on a mobile device?

For Apple Phones:
1) In your Settings page, enable the iCalendar feed, then tap and hold the link to open the URL.
2) You’ll then be prompted to subscribe to your Jobwell Calendar in your iPhone app. For Android Phones: At the moment, Android only allows you to add a calendar from your computer, not the calendar app.


How do I get technical support?

There are two easy ways to get in touch with the Jobwell team. You can chat with us - just click on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen - we’ll respond as soon as we are free, if not immediately. Alternatively, you can drop us a note at support [at] jobwell.co.

I think I found a bug!

Doh! While we’ve tried our best to squash any bugs on our platform, they do show up from time to time. Let us know by sending us an email at bugs [at] jobwell.co we’ll get on it as soon as we can.

May I suggest a Feature?

Yes please! To suggest any improvements, ideas or new features, leave a post for us on our Facebook page. We'd love to hear from you!

Quick Start Videos

1-Minute Quick Start Intro to Jobwell

Managing Your Job Applications

Supercharging Your Networking

Integrating Tasklist with Your Calendar

Searching for Jobs on Jobwell with Google for Jobs

General FAQ

What is Jobwell?

Jobwell is a platform to empower jobseekers. The core platform offers simple, intuitive pipelines to manage all job applications and networking activities. We will continuously enhance the platform with more robust features to better support jobseekers.

How does Jobwell help my job search?

Jobwell takes the tried-and-true sales management pipeline approach to winning deals and tailors it to the job search to help you land a job faster and easier. You need to maintain a constant pipeline of applications and networking activities to boost your chances of getting to an offer. Taking this pragmatic approach eases the emotional toll that many jobseekers feel when faced with rejection or lack of responses to job applications. Being organized also helps you work more efficiently and juggle more applications and networking activities.

What does it cost? How do you make money?

Jobwell's core platform for managing job applications and networking is free to use for jobseekers. There are no fees, hidden costs or down-the-road charges. You can sign in with a social account and start using the platform right away. We are working on some awesome premium features that you may choose to upgrade to later. You can continue to use the base platform for free even if you choose not to upgrade.

How does Jobwell differ from job boards like Indeed or LinkedIn Jobs, etc.?

Jobwell is not a job board and does not list job postings. You are likely visiting several different job boards and company career pages to find job opportunities. It gets hard to keep track of all of them and that's where Jobwell comes in. Think of Jobwell like your homeroom or mission control center. Use your Jobs Pipeline as a master view of all the job postings you're interested in or applied to, keeping all associated job description, notes, tasks and events in one place.

How does the Google for Jobs search work?

In the Google for Jobs search field on top of your Jobs Pipeline view, type in your job search criteria (e.g. "analyst san francisco" or "jobs near me"). You’ll see a new window with all job postings that Google for Jobs pulls from across many popular job boards and company career pages. This will save you time from hopping across multiple job boards running the same search over and over again.

You have a Networking Pipeline, so is this a social or professional networking site like LinkedIn?

Jobwell is not a networking site. LinkedIn is great for identifying your connections, but doesn’t really help you manage the relationships. In Jobwell’s Networking Pipeline, you’ll be able to track when you’ve reached out to a connection, automatically get notification for sending a follow-up, and set up recurring check-in’s. It helps keep all your interactions and notes with your connections in one place so you can easily pick up from where you left off in the last outreach.

Does Jobwell match me to jobs or apply to jobs for me?

We are not a traditional recruiter or an online matchmaking service. Jobwell's goal is to help jobseekers take control of their job search, not outsource it. Our differentiation is on job-hunting effectiveness, not on keyword-matching between resumes and job postings. Jobwell offers you an organization platform and tips to guide you along, but we do not apply to jobs for you.

Why would I use this instead of other tools like Trello or Excel?

Jobwell was built with the jobseeker in mind so its features are tailored to the job search process, keeping everything centralized and streamlined to save your time and effort. Jobwell offers visual, intuitive, easy-to-manage Job and Networking Pipelines so you see where everything stands and what you need to do next. The Google for Jobs integration makes it super easy to save jobs to your pipeline — no more cutting and pasting. Each Job Card and Networking Card comes with preset tasks based on job-hunting good practice that'll automatically remind you to prep for an interview or send a thank-you letter afterwards. Finally, all activities can be integrated into your preferred calendar so you don't have to separately manage them manually.

Does Jobwell integrate with my personal Calendar?

Yes, Jobwell uses the iCalendar standard format used and supported by many third-party products and providers. It also works on your mobile device. See under "Features & Functions" for instructions on setting up integration to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar.

How did you come up with the preset tasks?

The preset tasks are suggested good practices and etiquette tips for your job search. They were researched, developed, and approved by expert career advisors who have worked with many working professionals and jobseekers just entering the workforce.

Can you make it easier so I don't have to type or paste in all the job info manually?

Definitely! Jobwell makes it super easy for you to save a new job from Google for Jobs. Just paste the Google for Jobs job posting URL into Jobwell and click the "Import" button. Jobwell will create a new Job Card in your pipeline with all the job details automatically populated!